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Find your academic home.

No matter where you’re heading—boardroom or classroom, 实验室, 艺术工作室, or TV studio—our seven academic colleges are the gateway to everything you’ve imagined for your future (and then some). And no matter which of our 85+ majors you choose, they’re each backed by the broad underpinnings of a liberal arts education. So at the same time you prepare for a career, you’re also building skills for life.

Seven schools,
infinite opportunities

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College of Communication

This wide-ranging discipline encompasses many careers: journalism, marketing and public relations, speech pathology and audiology, entertainment and more. Explore nine diverse majors across four departments

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College of Education

Learn from veteran educators while honing your skills inside the classroom. Our Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)-accredited program boasts a 100 percent placement rate among recent graduates.

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College of Liberal 艺术 and 科学

Answer big questions and tackle complex challenges in LAS, where you’ll find majors in each of the STEM disciplines, the arts and letters, social sciences, and emerging interdisciplinary topics.

A pediatric student using a stethoscope on a young baby

College of Pharmacy and Health 科学

A student-run pharmacy. Meaningful research. Opportunities for hands-on experience in clinical settings. COPHS gives you a head start on your career as a pharmacist, physician assistant, or healthcare business manager.


Lacy School of Business

Set yourself up for professional success at the Lacy School. Two internships, ongoing career mentoring, and relentless exposure to real-world scenarios add up to our 99 percent placement rate.

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Jordan College of the 艺术

Artists play an integral role in shaping society. 在JCA, we combine intensive instruction in your craft with a foundation in the liberal arts, preparing you for your own role as anartist-citizen.

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Founder’s College

Founder’s College at 皇冠投注 University provides an affordable pathway for historically underserved students from the Indianapolis area who want to pursue education after high school.

Seven colleges, one education

Every 皇冠投注 major, no matter how different, is bound by common threads. Our liberal arts-focused Core Curriculum ensures you’ll become a better writer, a more flexible thinker, and an expert problem solver. Our student-centered focus means we’ll work together to tailor your education to meet your career goals. And our commitment to real-world learning means you’ll get the experiences necessary to bring those lessons to life.

You Set the Pace

Maybe you’re on the fast track to finish college—or maybe you’re still finding the right path. Either way, we’ve got you